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My name is Corrado Izzo, i am the CEO and Founder of and proud member of

When i saw the Execution Plan Knowledge Delivery Format Ryan Deiss had custom built for i said to myself:

This is Genius!!!

and next...

I need this too!!!

We run live and online training Courses in our Business and sometimes i just want to deliver a Micro Course or a simple Execution Plan to my audience and i want to be able to do that in a flash.

The problem was that i found no solutions out there with that kind of focus and that would be quick,easy and simple to use and implement and when i say quick i mean 5 minutes quick...learning curve included.

I wanted a solution that would do just the ONE thing i needed which is to deliver very specific knowledge to my audience over my website and i wanted to be able to create such a Micro Course or Execution Plan in no less than a few seconds.

And so after i spent days trying to figure out how to accomplish that with all the available solutions out there without success i decided to build it from scratch myself exactly the way i wanted it to work.

I want Quick - I want Low Hassle - I want it to work Immediately - I want it to be Intuitive - I don’t want to learn a completely new way of doing things and i don’t want to hire and pay for a Technology Guru to make it work and i want it to do only the one thing very well and in a very focussed way leaving out all the other unnecessary stuff which i am not going to use anyway.

There’s a saying: "Don’t use a cannon to shoot a rabbit it’s too much firepower, you kill the rabbit yes but there isn't much rabbit left" so...i don’t need a fully fledged Course Software if all i need to do is to deliver a Micro Course or Execution Plan.

Let me show you what i came up with.