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Platform Health Monitor and Technical Issue Reporting Best Practices

In WordPress, any issue you encounter can originate from any number of sources and for a variety of reasons.

To help you resolve the issues as fast as possible we'll need more information from you.

When you open the ticket always submit a System Report as well by following the instructions on the ticket submission form.

Sometimes a single glance at your System Report can help us locate or restrict the source of the issue and help you solve it fast.

Solutions to the most common issues you can encounter are detected by the eLearnCommerce Platform Health Monitor we've built into the eLearnCommerce Platform.

Platform Health gives you one-click issue solutions which you can execute and independently resolve with a single click.

Learn more about the Platform Health Monitor here

Note: You can access all past tickets and conversations you started with our support by clicking on the "see all your conversations" link in the chat window after you've logged in.

EC Platform down after update?

It is best practice to update all eLearnCommerce plugins, modules and Addons when running a Version update.

Issues arise when you do not update all components but run partial updates instead. It might cause your Platform to not function properly or not at all.

Learn how to solve these kind of issues

Please follow these technical issue-reporting best practices:

1. One issue one ticket! Avoid clustering multiple unrelated issues into one ticket. Issue clustering into a single ticket only delays the resolution cause we cannot escalate the ticket to different support agents.

2. Clearly specify the issue you are encountering.

3. Clearly outline the reproducible steps that generate the issue.

4. Share the URL where the issue displays and can be analyzed.

5. Add screenshots or screencasts to your issue report and briefly (1 to 2 min. max) explain the issue on-screen. (this speeds up the support teams ability to answer fast.) 

6. Submit a System Report and a temporary admin login to your site so that we can log in and analyze and resolve issues directly on your site.

7.: Add temporary wp-admin access details if the issues you encounter are on a protected page or area that is not publicly accessible.

Got implementation-related questions?

Please post your question in the Private Implementation Support Group here.